Zombie Ace

Zombie Ace 1.6

Infect the USA


  • Addictive
  • Fun gameplay


  • Upgrades cost a lot
  • Controls need tweaking

Very good

Zombie Ace is a distance-based arcade game where you fly zombies to cities across the nation.

Gameplay in Zombie Ace combines a few different genres. The core of the game is a distance-based objective game. You try to fly to different cities in the USA, and the goal is to fly as far as possible. The secondary objective is to drop zombies off in different cities so you can infect the entire population.

Adding in the military trying to shoot you down and the environment forcing you to land, Zombie Ace has a lot of elements occurring at the same time. Playing the game is easy too. You touch the screen to fly higher and let it go to glide down.

After landing in a city, the round of gameplay is over and the money your earned is used to upgrade your plane with better engines or more fuel. Adding upgrades will allow you to fly farther. In each round, there are also power-ups that take the form of different vehicles that drive on the bottom of the level. Some power-ups give you a boost or fuel, but it is a random selection.

Graphics in Zombie Ace take a cartoon presentation with everything having a stylized appearance. It is a game that hides the threat of a zombie invasion with a happy overlay. Zombie Ace is not the most visually intensive game, but it does not slow down when a lot of things are happening on screen.

Zombie Ace is a fun combination of genres and allows for a lot of replayability.

Zombie Ace


Zombie Ace 1.6

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